Water Tank Demolition, Amherst, New York

Our Sessler Wrecking crew safely and efficiently demolished a 4-million-gallon, steel-framed water tank located in Amherst, NY.  Our team used a shear attachment from our customizable fleet to precisely cut sections of the structure to ensure that the tank did not crumble without warning.

Our crew members had to be careful with the “drop zone” of the structure, as there was a newly installed cell tower located only 35 feet away.  Along with the cell tower, buried fiber-optic wires were located 20 feet from where the tank structure was planned to be dropped—so with precision cutting and removal of the segmented structure, our team was able to safely maneuver within the limited area of operation.

Lastly, our team removed the 2-foot wide, concrete foundation ring to a depth of 5 feet.  The foundation was removed as our client was replacing the water-tank with a new foundation and structure.  All materials from this job were recycled and transported off-site to an approved facility.

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