About Sessler Wrecking

Mission Statement

We will continue our commitment to developing technologies and innovative demolition techniques and processes that improve efficiency and safety.

Sessler will continue to focus on customer needs and total satisfaction by constantly providing the highest quality work.

We will continue to expand our business while maintaining our versatility and flexibility in successfully managing the most challenging demolition projects

As the president of a mid-size contracting company I know the everyday problems of making the right things happen in today’s regulated world. No one person can possibly keep up with the requirements and technology of these ever changing times. When you have a demolition project, we can help in resolving the related problems. We would appreciate the opportunity to provide a quote for your next project, and possibly offer some time, safety, and money saving ideas. Sessler is proud to offer your organization the best and safest building, bridge and industrial demolition services available in this part of the country. Thank you.

– Vern Sessler, Sr., Our Father, Company Founder, 1938-2005