Fiero Powerhouse & Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pontiac, Michigan

Fiero Pontiac Michigan Sessler Wrecking 6

Project Location: Pontiac, Michigan

Project Highlights:

  • General contractors for the decommissioning, decontamination, and demolition of the former coal-fired Pontiac Fiero Power Plant & Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Abatement of asbestos, environmental decontamination, restoration of 20+ acres, and demolition and 19 buildings, including over 1,000 ft. of coal conveyor systems. An adjacent wastewater treatment facility was also demolished and abated for hazardous materials.
  • Implosion of a 120-foot-tall natural gal boiler and a 200-foot-tall stack.
  • 100,000 tons of ferrous steel recycled.
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