Scenic Hudson Silos, Kingston, New York

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Scenic Hudson Silo Demolition

The Scenic Hudson Silo demolition project was located in Kingston, NY along the Hudson River. There were unique challenges involved in this project that Sessler Wrecking was successfully able to overcome, starting with the abatement of material on the roofs of each of the 150-foot-high stacks.

Once the abatement process was completed, Sessler crews began to selectively demolish the nine 150-foot-high reinforced concrete stacks to make way for a future New York State park. Because of the height of the concrete stacks, it required the use of one of the industry’s largest pieces of machinery, a Komatsu PC1250 high-reach excavator.

With a structure of this magnitude, Sessler Wrecking performed precision hammering and cutting to provide the cleanest and safest demolition. The use of this excavator also allowed crews to precisely remove and minimize debris and damage, while protecting the on-site personnel.  It was also an important component of this project that the historic integrity and local artifacts of adjacent structures were preserved.

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