Castleton-On-Hudson Bridge, Selkirk, New York


Connecting across the Hudson River in Albany, New York, the Castleton-On-Hudson Bridge was inaugurated for the first time in 1958. Across a span of more than 65 years, this bridge has undergone multiple rounds of restoration, focusing primarily on the eastbound direction.

The scope of this project involved the total replacement of the concrete bridge deck and central divider in the westbound section, spanning more than a mile in length and over 40 feet in width. Sessler Wrecking managed the elimination of 217,250 square feet (equivalent to around 4 and a half football fields) of concrete deck positioned atop the superstructure. The removal encompassed a range of materials including reinforced concrete, exodermic layers, and open steel grid decking. Additionally, some stringer and floor beam components within the open grid deck zones were also extracted.

Through the secure and effective removal of the existing deck, Sessler’s efforts in rehabilitating this significant bridge will elevate the bridge’s condition to meet present-day standards.

Each day, Sessler had a designated quantity of bridge deck that needed to be removed to fulfill the demanding timetable established for this project. Sessler successfully stuck to, and improved, the intended timeline and concluded well within the designated timeframe. Achieving and surpassing these standards exemplifies why Sessler Wrecking stands as a pioneering figure in the realm of bridge demolition.

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