Colony Manor Apartment Complex, Henrietta, New York

Excavator and truck
Foundation demo
Demolishing foundation from apartment building
Loading backfill
Loading Backfill from demolition
Excavator moving debris
Excavator moving debris from apartment demo
Demolishing apartments
Demolition of two story apartment building
Apartment dmeoltiion
Foundation of apartments being demolished
Apartment demo
Demolition of apartment complex

Colony Manor was an apartment complex housing sixteen separate apartment structures located in Henrietta, NY.  Fifteen of the sixteen structures contained asbestos which needed to be removed before any demolition process could begin.  Once the friable asbestos was abated, Sessler moved in and began the complete demolition of all structures, which still contained non-friable asbestos.  The demolished structures were split into two groupings to adhere to the client’s needs for further development.

Buildings #1 – #6 were to be entirely removed both above and below grade while buildings #7 – #16 were to be demolished from 2 feet below grade, and up, leaving foundations, slabs, and walls in place two-feet below grade and down.  Once those requirements were met, the structures were removed and utilized for the backfill material to later prepare the site for redevelopment.

Buildings #1 – #6 required excavation of abandoned utilities which would then be removed and transported off-site.  With the remaining foundations and slabs located in buildings #7 – #16, Sessler punched holes in the concrete slabs to allow for drainage and then removed the remaining walls and foundation slabs to be recycled on-site for backfilling measures.

Our team crushed and recycled the brick and concrete material which we utilized for the entire backfilling portion of the project, this prepared the demolition site for its new development of a five-six story apartment buildings, with 302 units in total.

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