Layton, ROC-1 Former Kodak Building Demolition, Rochester, New York

Demolition of a 810,000 square foot office facility to make way for a retail giant’s distribution center in Rochester, NY. The time schedule that was given to Sessler Wrecking was 40 days–our team completed it in 35.

With twenty pieces of heavy machinery and over ninety truckloads of construction and demolition materials (C&D) and recycled metals being moved off site every day, this project was truly a chess match. From pre-mobilization to the last day of crushing concrete on-site there was a flurry of activity that required stringent oversight and tracking to ensure the safety of our crew, subcontractors, and public, along with guaranteeing quality control of disposed and recycled materials.

The project involved every facet of Sessler’s team with precise coordination. On site we met challenges with the structure of the building and were asked to perform additional concrete removal, within the originally scheduled timeframe. As we moved through the building the site contractor was backfilling and increasing the grade over eight feet, adding to the enhanced coordination effort. From the office to the field and to the mechanics keeping our fleet operational, it was a full team effort, which kept this project ahead of schedule and without a safety incident.

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