Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge, New Haven, Connecticut

Pier hammering at Q Bridge
Underwater concrete removal
Excavation of pier
Concrete hammering
two excavators removing concrete
High reach excavators
excavator removing concrete

Sessler Wrecking is known for our specialization in bridge demolition—especially the toughest and most technical jobs.  Our team traveled to New Haven, CT to complete a demolition of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge, locally known as the “Q-Bridge”, which carries I-95 across the Quinnipiac River.  The bridge, originally dedicated to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1995, was designed as a girder and floorbeam bridge where steel beams support the concrete deck.

Our team came in and performed an extensive demolition where we hammered and removed 170,000 square feet of concrete decking to begin.  Next came the excavation of reinforced concrete substructure, half of which was located underwater to depths of over 30 feet—the amount of concrete removed in this process totaled over 10,000 cubic yards.

Once the deck and substructure were removed, our crew began removing multiple piers which helped stabilize and hold the demolished portion of the bridge.  Each pier was hammered,  excavated to grade, and backfilled utilizing material provided by Sessler.  All materials from the demolition were recycled at an off-site, approved facility.

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