Genesee Brewery, Rochester, New York

Genesee Brewery 2
Genesee demo
Demolition of tower at Genesee brewery
Genesee Parking lot
Completed backfill to finish parking lot at Genesee brewery
High reach shear
High reach shear demoing tower
Excavator Genesee
Excavation at Genesee Brewery
High reach at Genesee
High reach excavator taking down tower at Genesee Brewery
Genesee Brewery
Backfill completion at Genesee brewery

Sessler Wrecking was tasked with the demolition of two existing structures from the former Genesee Brewery, built over 100 years ago.  The main structure was a large tower standing over 100 feet above grade, and consisted of wood, concrete, and brick material.  The other structure included offices and the manufacturing portion of the brewery.  The portion included multiple beer holding tanks underground, located 50 feet below grade in the basement.

The tower was dissected of its materials as our team planned to recycle the brick and concrete to grind on-site and utilized in the backfill portion of the project.  All non-recyclable construction and demolition materials were transported to an approved off-site facility.  Once the main tower was separated and demolished, the basement portion of the old campus was demolished and cleared to make room for the crushed concrete and brick.

Using our mobile concrete crusher our team crushed the recycled concrete and brick from the demolition on-site.  To finish the backfill process, we put down layers of the crushed material in 2-foot-deep increments at 95% compacting.  We completed the site preparation for the parking lot of the new Genesee Brew House by grading and leveling the old demolition site.

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