Decommissioned Rail Cars, Indian Head, Maryland

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Sessler Wrecking worked with the US Naval Support Base located in Indian Head, MD, to complete an abatement, demolition, and removal of 25 decommissioned rail cars that were used to transport materials within the base—the tracks the rail cars sat on deteriorated or were removed over time, which caused the cars to remain within the propellant-sensitive area, and were unable to be moved.

The rail cars, which totaled over 25,000 square feet, were safely abated of contaminated materials, and demolished by our experienced team.  Since the rail cars were used to move propellant-based materials, residue was a safety concern as it was spread into the soil surrounding the structures—this meant our team was to use precision removal and non-intrusive restoration efforts, as we did not want to disturb any ground below grade to cause a reaction.  All materials within the rail cars, and the rail cars themselves were properly disposed of at approved locations for recycling purposes.

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