Sal’s Scrap Yard, Bronx, New York

Sals Scrap Yard1
Sals Scrap Yard
Sals Scrap Yard2
Sals Scrap Yard3

Happy Wednesday! For our final Wrecking Wednesday of the year, Sessler Wrecking is showcasing a demolition project at Sal’s Scrap Yard in Bronx, New York.

Sessler Wrecking executed a clean demolition of a one and two-story building, ensuring the preservation of the concrete slab and foundation system. Following the demolition, gravel was strategically placed within the work area around the existing slab to restore the site.

This demolition took place in close proximity to an active railroad, a heavy trafficked street, the Bronx River, and an occupied building. These challenging conditions prompted our team to take additional precautions to guarantee a safe demolition process.

Thanks to the exceptional skills of our team, the project was completed on schedule and without any safety incidents.

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