Rt. 400, East Aurora, New York

Rt 400 East Aurora New York Sessler Wrecking 3
East Aurora 4
Rt 400 East Aurora New York Sessler Wrecking 1
East Aurora 4

Wrecking Wednesday today comes from NYS Rt. 400 outside of Buffalo in East Aurora, NY where our Sessler Wrecking crew demoed a 136’ cast in place post-tension bridge between two bridge spans which presented a unique engineering and demolition challenge.

The team used our high reach excavator with a 90’ boom and 27’ dipper arm, as well as three other hammer equipped excavators to demo the bridge.

This portion of the project came to a week long conclusion as the bridge was hammered away until only the last bay remained. The remaining structure was dropped 33′ to the ground leaving the piers it laid between intact.

More fantastic work done by our crew!

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