Route 23 Over Schoharie Creek, Greene County, New York

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This week for Wrecking Wednesday, we throw it back to the removal of the Rt. 23 bridge over the Schoharie Creek in Greene County, NY.  Our Sessler team removed the steel truss bridge in a tight proximity to the newly constructed bridge with precision engineering and operators.

The deck removal process utilized the Sessler engineered swing scaffolding capture frame. The capture frame prevented any concrete debris generated from the bridge deck removal from entering the Schoharie Creek. This environmentally safe process is a specialized method of Sessler.

The newly constructed bridge to north was just 2’ away from the demolition of the old bridge. This presented a challenge for the removal of the steel frame. Utilizing 60 years of experience and field knowledge, the Sessler crew precision cut the steel truss with our hydraulic shears and were able to drop the frame away from the new bridge into the creek below. This method of demolition took precision engineering and highly skilled operators to perform in a safe and timely manner.

The steel frame was then removed and cut up on the banks of the creek. Over 252 gross tons of steel was recycled at an approved waste disposal site.

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