Route 11 Bridge Over Route 81, Binghamton, New York

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This week we bring you a dynamic bridge demolition job, highlighting our versatility as your premier bridge demo contractor.  This project is the removal of a bridge on Route 11 over Route 81 in Binghamton, New York!

Sessler Wrecking crews began installing underdecking prior to removing the concrete deck which utilized a hydraulic excavator and hydraulic rammer by cutting the deck into 7 foot by 8 foot sections. Sessler wing trailers were positioned underneath the bridge for debris collection. Once the concrete deck and girders were removed in their entirety, the steel beams were removed. This process was repeated for each of the 6 spans of the bridge.

Routes 11 and 81 are heavily traveled, which required a high level of coordination between Sessler Wrecking, the general contractor and multiple agencies to ensure the safety of our crews, partners, and vehicular traffic.

This project was completed with zero injuries or safety incidents.

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