Rapid Bridge Replacement of I-90 Over Fuller Road, Albany, New York

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This week for Wrecking Wednesday, we highlight a multi-phase, rapid bridge replacement project on I-90 over Fuller Road located in Albany, NY.  The four-phased bridge replacement was conducted over a timeframe of four consecutive weekends.  Our team worked over-night with partial lane closures, to hammer and remove the concrete decks and beams for each phase.

Once the removal of the entire bridge superstructure was completed, we brought in the heavy lifters to pick the steel off the piers to be transported to an off-site recycling facility.  The final portion of the fourth phase, we picked the remaining bridge with the decking still attached to the steel to make way for the new bridge to be installed.  The new bridge was in place days after the final removal of the entire structure.  Our crew worked diligently and safely to finish this job on time.

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