IBM Auto Racking Facility, Endicott, New York

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We’ve reached the midpoint of the week, and that can only mean one thing – it’s time for another edition of Wrecking Wednesday! In this week’s spotlight, Sessler Wrecking is showcasing their demolition work at the IBM Auto Racking Facility in Endicott, NY.

Sessler Wrecking executed the demolition of a former automated retrieval system within an operational facility. To facilitate access to the facility, our Sessler crews strategically cut an opening in the exterior wall, allowing our 300-series excavator to enter for the task at hand. The demolition project entailed the removal of a towering 40-foot racking system, crane rails, and conveyors. Our highly skilled burners adeptly executed the task of separating the racking system from the floors, walls, and ceiling.

Once again, safety remained our foremost concern, and we successfully completed the project both safely and within the designated timeframe.

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