Genesee Brewery, Rochester, New York

High reach at Genesee
High reach excavator taking down tower at Genesee Brewery
Excavator Genesee
Excavation at Genesee Brewery
High reach shear
High reach shear demoing tower
Genesee Parking lot
Completed backfill to finish parking lot at Genesee brewery
Genesee demo
Demolition of tower at Genesee brewery
Sessler Wrecking Genesee Brewery
Genesee Brewery 1
Genesee Brewery 3

Sessler Wrecking provides turn-key demolition solutions along with impeccable site preparation work to begin and end your project the way you envisioned it.  Take a look at our team’s completion of the former Genesee Brewery demolition and site preparation work to prepare the footprint to be used as a parking lot for the new brewery!

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