Woodlands Lake Dam Bridge, Irvington, New York

Woodlands Lake Dam2
Woodlands Lake Dam4
Woodlands Lake Dam
Woodlands Lake Dam1

Welcome to another Wrecking Wednesday filled with excitement! In this week’s highlight, Sessler Wrecking presents a remarkable bridge demolition project taking place in Irvington, New York.

The skilled team at Sessler Wrecking was tasked with demolition and removal of the existing Woodlands Lake Dam Bridge, along with its accompanying railings. This structure is located above Sawmill River.

Given that the bridge’s railings contained lead paint, our expert crews had to carry out a meticulous demolition process. This was essential not only to safeguard our team but also to ensure the safety of the public. Owing to the presence of lead paint, the necessity arose to remove the railings prior to the bridge superstructure. After the successful removal of the railings, our skilled crews proceeded to dismantle the Woodlands Lake Dam Bridge.

Thanks to our best-in-class group of professionals, this project was completed on schedule and without any safety incidents.

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