United Auto Supply, Newburgh, New York

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Hello, Wrecking Wednesday! This week features the demolition of the United Auto Supply in Newburgh, New York, which highlights Sessler Wrecking’s capabilities when it comes to providing solutions to delicate challenges.

Sessler Wrecking was tasked with the demolition of a 32,000 square foot single story commercial building, as well as existing bollards, exterior concrete pads, and walkways. In addition, Sessler Wrecking was asked to salvage a 125-foot canopy through meticulous separation and protection methods.

All the demolished materials were recycled at an approved waste disposal site.

As always, safety is our priority, and this project was completed safely and on time.

Sessler Wrecking has the engineering expertise and equipment to conduct any type of separation demolition that requires intricate solutions safely and efficiently!

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