U.S. Border Crossing, Alexandria Bay, New York

Photo Oct 05, 5 22 29 Pm
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This week, Sessler Wrecking features a project that exemplifies our federal procurement capabilities!

The Alexandria Bay Land Port of Entry consisted of five phases of demolition to the facility. Sessler Wrecking’s scope of work included the demolition of several buildings including the border security buildings and a multiple-story administrative building, removal of several canopies, as well as the removal of an underground tank.

Being a port of entry at the international border, Sessler Wrecking worked very closely with U.S. and Canadian federal agencies to ensure the security and operations were uninterrupted.

Sessler Wrecking has the experience and expertise to take on any size and type of federal contracting project!

As with every Sessler Wrecking project, safety was the number one priority, and completed the job with no injuries or safety incidents.

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