Throgs Neck Bridge Toll Plaza, Bronx, New York

Throgs Toll Plaza3
Throgs Toll Plaza2
Throgs Toll Plaza1
Throgs Toll Plaza

It is halfway through the week, which means it is time for Wrecking Wednesday! This week, Sessler Wrecking is shining a spotlight on a bridge demolition located outside of Bronx, New York at the westerly end of the Long Island Sound.

Sessler Wrecking was tasked with the responsibility of the structural removal of the Throgs Neck Bridge Toll Plaza. Our team removed the concrete grade beams and hammered the deck slabs into panels to allow for easier removal and to ensure that the debris from the hammering did not disrupt the existing grade.

During the process of hammering the concrete deck, our crew had to be mindful of an existing stone seawall and the fragile tide beach below the structure.

As always, safety remained our utmost priority, and we completed the project without any safety incidents, ensuring a successful outcome.

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