Rundel Library Terrace, Rochester, New York


It is the day you love to see – Wrecking Wednesday! This week, Sessler Wrecking is showcasing an infrastructure project located along South Avenue and Broad Street in Rochester, New York.

Sessler Wrecking took on the task of removing the elevated terrace area at the Rundel Library. With structural beams underneath that were deteriorating and in need of removal to ensure the safety of pedestrians and nearby buildings.

Our Sessler Wrecking team diligently demolished the concrete structure, navigating through a 3/4-mile access tunnel to clear the debris and transport it to an authorized disposal site.

Throughout the demolition process, our crew meticulously dismantled a retaining wall by the Genesee River while keeping a close watch on the adjacent Rundel Library structure.

As always, safety remained our utmost priority, and we completed the project without any safety incidents, ensuring a successful outcome.

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