Route 13 Bridge Over I-90, Canastota, New York

Route 13
Route 13.1
Route 13.2
Route 13.3

It’s Wrecking Wednesday! This week, Sessler Wrecking¬†is shining a spotlight on the demolition of the Route 13 Bridge Over I-90 in Canastota, New York.

This bridge demolition was crucial for the safety of the public, as the old bridge needed a modern upgrade. Sessler Wrecking was tasked with demolishing and removing the current substructures to pave the way for the construction of the new bridge. Our crews utilized under-decking techniques and our patented overhang brackets for the removal of the deck, employing wing trailers to collect any debris and allow the traveling public on the I-90 to travel safely.

Our skilled demolition experts worked diligently to ensure minimal disruption to the public, scheduling parts of the project during nighttime to avoid traffic conflicts.

Safety was our top priority throughout, resulting in a project completed with zero injuries or safety incidents.

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