Oak Hill Country Club, Rochester, New York

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Now on the tee, Wrecking Wednesday! If you will be watching the PGA Championship tournament this week, you may notice Sessler Wrecking’s contributions to Oak Hill Country Club’s improvements!

In 2019, Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York underwent improvements to the club’s grounds, where Sessler Wrecking conducted the rigging and removal of the large plaque rock in front of the club house and relocated it to another site on the course.

Sessler Wrecking also performed the demolition, removal, and disposal of the concrete water fountain in front of the club house.

Sessler Wrecking’s scope of work was completed by crews making site improvements for the next phase of the club’s project.

This is just one of many examples of how Sessler Wrecking can perform any size and type of demolition project!

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