Montrose Veterans Affair Medical Center, Montrose, New York

Veteran Affairs Medical Montrosse Virginia Sessler Wrecking 2
Montorse 10 Scaled
Montorse 7 Scaled
Veteran Affairs Medical Montrosse Virginia Sessler Wrecking 1
Montorse 6 Scaled
Montorse 3

It is halfway through the week which means it is time for Wrecking Wednesday!  This week, Sessler Wrecking is highlighting a federal project at the Montrose Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Montrose, New York.

Sessler Wrecking was assigned to conduct the demolition and site preparation at an operational Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC). Our responsibilities encompassed the demolition of two structures adjacent to active medical buildings, the work included both above and below-ground components.

Throughout the project, our team demonstrated professionalism in managing hazardous materials abatement and relocating utilities, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the operation and the patients and personnel at the VAMC.

As always, safety was our main concern, and this project was completed with zero injuries or incidents.


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