Mid-Hudson Toll Plaza, Hudson, New York

Photo Feb 22, 11 07 26 Am
Photo Mar 03, 4 16 49 Pm
Photo Mar 03, 12 34 36 Pm
Photo Mar 08, 1 59 02 Pm

This week, Sessler Wrecking features the Mid-Hudson Toll Plaza in Hudson, New York!

Sessler Wrecking coordinated the strategic removal of this heavily traveled five lane toll plaza, which remained open during the demolition phase. Sessler crews first removed the canopy from the plaza in sections over each lane utilizing excavators on each side of the canopy and torch cutting techniques to minimize disturbances.

Once the canopy was removed, each booth was removed with an excavator to pull the structure.

Sessler Wrecking completed this project safely with zero injuries or safety incidents.

No matter what your needs are or what challenges your project faces, Sessler Wrecking has the experience and expertise to take on any size and type of demolition project!

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