I-84 East and West Bound Bridges, Fishskill, New York

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Welcome to another exciting installment of Wrecking Wednesday! This week, Sessler Wrecking is showcasing the demolition of the I-84 East Bound and West Bound Bridges over the Metro North Railroad in Fishskill, New York.

The I-84 East and West Bound Bridges each stretched over 150 feet long, featuring 3 spans made of sturdy 27-inch thick concrete box beams. Our crew swiftly tackled the center span, hammering it down to the ground. Thanks to our tight schedule, the abutments for the new bridge were already in place under each back span before our arrival. These new abutments needed careful protection to avoid any damage, while the back spans were carefully downsized and removed to preserve the new concrete.

After removing each span, we protected the new abutments and demolished the two existing piers. We carefully extracted rebar and prestress cable from the concrete box beams, repurposing it as clean concrete fill onsite.

As always safety was our main priority, and this project was completed without any safety incidents

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