Glens Falls Cement Plant, Glens Falls, New York

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We find ourselves at the midpoint of the week, marking the arrival of Wrecking Wednesday! This week Sessler Wrecking is shining a spotlight on a building demolition project at the Glens Falls Cement Plant in Glens Falls, New York.

Assigned with the task of demolishing two conveyors, involving the removal of steel and catwalk structures, Sessler Wrecking also took on the challenge of demolishing the Williams Mill Building down to its concrete foundation piers. Furthermore, our crews successfully executed the demolition of the Crusher Building, carefully disassembling the crusher and removing all building components, while leaving the concrete components intact.

In response to the rising water levels in the quarry, our teams operated on an accelerated schedule. Thanks to the outstanding skills of our team, we not only completed the project ahead of the planned schedule but also achieved this without any safety incidents, precisely as the water approached the work area.

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