Emergency Response- Sitterly Road/I-87 Overpass, Clifton Park, New York

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Our Wrecking Wednesday this week highlights the emergency response mobilization to the Sitterly Road/I-87 overpass in Clifton Park, NY.  The Sitterly Road overpass was damaged when a vehicle struck the bridge spanning over Southbound I-87, creating extensive structural damage causing the Southbound lanes of the Northway to be shut down.

Our crew responded quickly to the job to remove the damaged portion of the overpass.  The existing concrete bridge deck was hammered and disposed of and the damaged steel girders were removed and recycled.  Our crew not only mobilized quickly and took on the task of performing this emergency response call overnight, during the weekend, but the “work was finished ahead of time” to reinstate traffic and to allow the planning phases of building a temporary bridge to begin immediately.


Photo Credit: Facebook.com/dahnbull

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