Canton Street Over I-90, Warners, New York

Photo Jun 15, 9 16 17 Pm

Happy Wrecking Wednesday! This week, Sessler Wrecking is shining a spotlight on an exciting bridge replacement project on Canton Street over I-90 in Warners, New York.

Our skilled crews carried out the removal of the deck, followed by crane operations to extract the steel components. In addition, we employed under decking techniques and our patented overhang brackets for the deck removal process, while utilizing wing trailers to capture any debris.

Our team of bridge demolition professionals had to ensure both safety and efficiency while minimizing disruptions to the general public. As a result, certain phases of the projects had to be scheduled during nighttime to minimize conflicts with traffic.

Thanks to our top-notch team of professionals, this project was completed on time and without any safety incidents.

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