Bear Mountain Bridge Toll Plaza Rehabilitation, Yonkers, New York

Bear Mountain Toll
Bear Mountain Toll1
Bear Mountain Toll2
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It’s Wrecking Wednesday! This week, Sessler Wrecking features the Bear Mountain Bridge Toll Plaza Rehabilitation in Yonkers, New York.

Sessler Wrecking was assigned the responsibility of demolishing and clearing the current toll booth structure along with its accompanying canopies. These toll booths removals were part of New York State’s ongoing cashless tolling plan, of which Sessler has been major project contributor.

Our teams skillfully orchestrated the systematic dismantling of this extensively used toll plaza, which remained operational throughout the demolition process. Our crews initially disassembled the canopy over each toll booth in segments, utilizing excavators on either side of the structure and employing precision torch cutting methods to minimize disruptions. Following the canopy’s removal, an excavator was used to extract each booth by pulling down the structure.

Our team of demolition specialists needed to ensure both safety and efficiency, strategically minimizing disruptions to the public. This required scheduling certain phases of the project during nighttime hours to mitigate potential clashes with traffic.

Thanks to our best-in-class crew, this project was completed on schedule and without any safety incidents.

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