Project Files

Sessler Project Files


North American Brewers Inc. 2North American Brewers Inc. 1North American Brewers Inc. Rochester, NY
Demolition of the original Genesee Brewery structures located along the Genesee River, Rochester NY. Structures reached as high as 100’ above grade with basements to 50’ below grade. Street level exterior wall was retained for historical purposes.

St. Anns 2St. Anns 1St. Ann’s Heritage Tower, Irondequoit NY
Removal of 22 story building. Building was imploded through the use of explosives. Special precautions were taken to ensure public safety as the structure was in close proximity of Rochester General Hospital, nursing home, apartment buildings, and less than 50’ from a chapel.

Lake Champlain 1Lake Champlain 2Lake Champlain Bridge, Crown Point NY
This bridge span across Lake Champlain, connecting New York to Vermont, was closed immediately when inspectors found deficiencies during an inspection. The resulting detour was 85 miles long. Sessler Wrecking was hired by Harrison & Burrowes under an emergency contract with NYS to aid in the implosion and to perform all aspects of the recovery and removal from Lake Champlain. 1000’s of tons of steel and concrete were retrieved from the lake bottom, some as much as 90’ deep. Majority of this work was performed from barges during the winter months.

Project Orange 1Project Orange 2Project Orange, Syracuse, NY
The decommissioning of the Steam and Power Generation Plant at Syracuse University. This project consisted of disassembling the plant, and relocating the major components, including two large turbine generators. The plant was located tightly between existing operational facilities.

Rte 3 Over Passaic River NJ 1Rte 3 over the Passaic River, NJ
This bridge carried the main traffic flow into New York City through the Lincoln Tunnel. This bridge contained 4 bascule (drawbridge) spans. Due to the NYC traffic volumes immediately adjacent and below this bridge, special precautions had to be taken to provide for the safety of the public and project.

NJ Turnpike 2NJ Turnpike 1NJ Turnpike 6 – 9 Widening Project, NJ
Removed 19 interstate bridges for various contractors on a 20 mile stretch of the New Jersey Turnpike. Using patented wing trailers further protecting vehicular traffic and personnel.

Triborough Bridge Ramp 1Removal of Manhattan to Queens Ramp, Tri-Borough Bridge, NY

Building 50, Kodak Park, Rochester, NY
Implosion and recycling of 465,000 sq ft building.

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