Throgs Neck Bridge Toll Plaza, New York

Throggs neck bridge demo
Hammering concrete bridge
Bucket on excavator
Excavators at Throggs Neck
Hammer attachment on excavator
Throggs neck demo
This week’s Wrecking Wednesday is brought to you from Bronx County — where our Sessler team provided improvements and the structural removal of the Throgs Neck Bridge Toll Plaza located outside of Bronx, NY at the westerly end of Long Island Sound.
Our team removed the concrete grade beams and hammered the deck slabs into panels to allow for easier removal and to ensure that the debris from the hammering did not disrupt the existing grade. All concrete was then removed and disposed of at an off-site approved facility. Facia beams, wall footers, and diaphragms were removed from each location to continue with the deck removal of the structure.
During the process of the hammering the concrete deck, our team needed to be conscious of an existing stone seawall and the delicate tidal beach below the structure. Once the removal of all concrete debris and beams was finished, our team backfilled and graded/leveled the job site down to the shoreline.
An efficient job by our demolition and site preparation experts here at Sessler!
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