SR 0663 Over Perkiomen Creek, Perkiomen Heights, Pennsylvania

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This week’s Wrecking Wednesday highlights State Route 0663 over Perkiomen Creek located in Perkiomen Heights, PA—this bridge demolition was included in the larger Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement Project of which Sessler participated on several bridge demolitions.  This aging bridge had deteriorated over time, causing parts of the bridge to become unstable and required a full demolition and replacement.

After our bridge demolition engineers designed plans, our Sessler crew was tasked with removing the concrete decking of the bridge.  To ensure that no debris landed in the water, causing disruption to the creek bed, Sessler utilized a special containment system to capture the falling debris below the structure. Once the entire deck, and diaphragm between the beams were removed, all debris materials were taken to an offsite approved facility for disposal.  Lastly, seven steel beams running from the north and south abutments were removed individually and also disposed of at an offsite approved facility.


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