Route 240 Harlem Road, West Seneca, New York

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This week’s Wrecking Wednesday highlights the demolition of the Route 400 bridge, which runs 140 feet over Route 240, Harlem Road, in West Seneca, NY.  Sessler’s experienced bridge demolition team began by removing the concrete decking while capturing the demolition waste below with patented technology to ensure the roadways remained unscathed during the process.  This job called for the minor shutdown of specific lanes along Route 240, but we were able to maintain the safety of pedestrians and flowing traffic below.

Once the 140-foot concrete decking was removed, our team began to remove the steel beams and girders.  The girders to the east and west abutments were lifted from the inside piers, and dragged up the slope to rest, where they would be processed and transported for recycling at an off-site, approved facility.  The internal girder was removed utilizing a crane pick to lift, swing, and place onto a stretch tractor trailer, which would be processed and transported.  Sessler was able to restore full traffic flow to Harlem Road shortly after the last beam was removed.


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