I-84 West Bound, Fishkill, New York

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Today’s Wrecking Wednesday highlights the demolition of the I-84 West Bound Bridge spanning over the Metro North Railroad located in Fishkill, NY.
The I-84 West Bound bridge was a 150’ long, 3 span bridge comprised of 24” thick concrete box beams. Our crew came in and hammered the center span down to the ground. Due to the rapid schedule, abutments for the new bridge had already been constructed under each back span prior to our arrival. Each abutment had to be protected from damage, and the back span had to be carefully downsized and removed so as not to damage the new concrete.
Once each span was removed our team protected the face of the new abutment and demolished the two existing piers which held the superstructure 30’ in the air. Rebar and post-tensioning cable was processed out of the concrete, and the concrete was used as clean fill on-site.
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